Training With Results

The best trainers are the ones who have been there and done that, but continue to learn from the best and brightest today. With over 30 years of experience, Matt has interviewed, studied and researched hundreds of companies. He has captured all of these experience into the book Culturrific!

Engage Matt for your next training event and let him put his PhD to work.

  • All sessions are custom to your company.
  • All sessions include role-play.
  • Sessions are practical and provide tools that can be put to use day one. Not platitudes or theories.
  • All sessions are interactive and peer-reviewed.

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Is there a Difference Between a Keynote Speech and a Workshop?

There absolutely is. A keynote or breakout session is very one directional. While Matt always tries to be Socratic in his methods regardless of the presentation style, in a large room, that is more difficult.

In a workshop, Matt can roll up his sleeves and work closely with each participant ensuring they are getting the message and connecting to the skill or idea being taught.

The only reason anyone would pay for a speaker or workshop leader is that they want results. Speakers who deliver their prepared speech can have some results, but you deserve more. That’s why Matt’s approach outlined above is so powerful.

Matt Explains the Difference in this Video