Matthew Hudson never arrives with a canned speech or training program.

Every client is unique with unique challenges and unique opportunities.

Your company deserves a keynote, breakout speech or workshop geared uniquely to your audience. Many speakers will claim they do research, but what they call “research” is nothing more than a mere survey or phone call.

Matt regularly visits locations and interviews the top performers in your company as part of his preparation process.

    • You are ALWAYS Dealing with Matt Directly on Content
    • Interview 3 Top Performers in the Company or Organization
    • Interview Key Executives to Understand the Vision of the Meeting
    • Visit and Research Physical Locations (when possible) to Experience the Company First-hand
    • Visit and Research Your Competitors
    • Review Program Content in Advance with You to Check for Alignment

Ready to Start Planning?

Matt's Style

Matt has been described as the “workshop keynote.” He rarely presents from the stage. He prefers to be in the audience to engage them fully. It gives him the chance to see the faces of the attendees and connect with them on another level. Regardless of the size, he always asks questions and dialogues with the audience. He uses lots of visuals and stories to engage the audience.

So, while most keynote speakers speak, Matt always seeks to train. His goal is a change in behavior – and that is yours too.

Watch the Video Below as Matt Explains His Process

‘I believe my role is to serve the company who hires me as much as the people in the room. If I do my job right, people leave the session excited to get back to work, eager to try new ideas, but motivated beyond their notes to real change in behavior. I believe learning is a change in behavior. It’s not enough that they enjoy me or my presentation, they have to be better as a result. I want them to feel and know that I care about their success and am not there on my agenda, but to support the mission of the company.’    – Matt

Is there a Difference between a Keynote and a Workshop?

There absolutely is. A keynote or breakout session is very one directional. While Matt always tries to be Socratic in his methods regardless of the presentation style, in a large room, that is more difficult.

In a workshop, Matt can roll up his sleeves and work closely with each participant ensuring they are getting the message and connecting to the skill or idea being taught.

The only reason anyone would pay for a speaker or workshop leader is that they want results. Speakers who deliver their prepared speech can have some results, but you deserve more. That’s why Matt’s approach outlined above is so powerful.