Introducing Matt

Matthew HudsonMatthew Hudson started as a part-time sales associate in Sear’s in 1983. Through his 31 years in Sales & Marketing, Matt managed a store with himself and a part-timer working bell to bell 7 days a week (the true retail way). He has opened over 200 stores, been a Director of Sales for a 3,000 employee, $700M chain, a COO of a 17 store, $70M chain and even owned his own 4-store chain in Fort Worth, Texas. He has won many awards for his efforts through the years and is widely considered a a corporate culture and sales training expert.

Matt served as a principal for 10 years in the consulting firm, Penumbra Group, Inc. based in of New Hampshire before starting @hudsonhead. While there, he focused on helping small, emergent companies make the leap from entrepreneurialism to true corporations through engineering an experience culture.

He is the author or co-author of 4 books, Culturrific! (on creating an expereince culture in your business), Signs Sell (the power of signage in your business), The Retail Sales Bible (best selling book on selling for retailers), and Advisor Selling (selling for the b2b professional).

He has completed over 2,000 keynote speeches, delivered over 10,000 hours of sales training and completed over 1,000 coaching sessions.

His clients include Dell (where he was the lead retail strategy consultant), New Balance, Life Fitness, Office Depot, Do it Best, Hyatt Regency, Disney, AmerisourceBergen, Chandler Signs, Golf Galaxy, Staples, Rockler and many more.

You can see more of Matt’s work on his other website